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Hello,I'm a player from Russia I understand that you have long ceased to engage in the game "Sheltered" and yet I would like to say that we are still interested in the game,I understand that most likely you do not have the funds to develop the game.And yet it would be fun if you opened the game for mod development,I'm sure that many fans of your game would be engaged in the development of mods,this is a very interesting game!It has a lot to do many games that have already stopped being updated now live with mods,they give the game a new life,for example, in the fashion for your game, you could add new ones events, factions, local problems, new items to build/create, just believe that this project is not hopeless and it can still be developed simply as a local object or pass this initiative to "modders" (I hope Yandex translator will translate everything correctly) perhaps this message will not reach you, perhaps you have long ceased to exist...But I hope that this is not so I will try to make you see this message, although I do not know how to do it quite funny.Sincerely yours Danil Peskov I hope you will notice this message!