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"The petrol-powered Camper Van is used for faster travelling when going on expeditions. All parts need to be fitted before it can be driven."

The Camper Van is a large run-down vehicle located above the shelter.

It requires 4 tyres, a starter motor, a fan belt, an alternator, a clutch cable, a car battery, a distributor, and a spark plug to repair.

The Camper Van, as well as being used for expeditions, is also important for the Extended Family quest, after the Camper Van is fixed, and 100 days have passed, the player can complete this quest, and when clicking the Camper Van after completing this quest, the player will be able to move on to a new shelter with a new family member, when the player gets to the new shelter, this Camper Van will break down and need to be repaired again, albeit with less parts lost than having to find every single piece on the first map.

Car Parts[]

# Required
Tyre 4
Starter Motor 1
Fan Belt 1
Alternator 1
Clutch Cable 1
Car Battery 1
Distributor 1
Sparkplug 1

Each part is worth 100 credits.