Camper Van

The Camper Van is a vehicle that needs to be reconstructed, the different parts can be found all around the map, with scrapyards being more likely to have them available.

Once reconstructed, the amount of water required to travel long distances is reduced and the amount of items that can be carried in an expedition is increased.


4x Tyre - Tyre

1x Alternator - Alternator

1x Starter Motor - Starter Motor

1x Fan Belt - Fan Belt

1x Clutch Cable - Clutch Cable

1x Distributor - Distributor

1x Spark Plug - Spark Plug

1x Car Battery - Car Battery


The ability to use the Camper Van for transport on expeditions is a huge benefit to the player; significantly less water is required and 52 units of carrying space is provided - note this cannot be increased with the use of satchels if using the Camper Van. The Camper Van uses fuel when used on an expedition, with the fuel being deducted from your supply in a similar manner to water when departing on an expedition. The Camper Van can only use Petrol Cans for fuel, and so it is recommended that when used on an expedition you try and loot as much fuel as you used to allow for consistent use of the Camper Van.

Upon completion of the quest 'Relations' or 'Extended Family' (needs checking), the player has the option of using the Camper Van to move to a new region; doing this will send the player to a new and unexplored area, giving them a new shelter containing limited pre-constructed items (tiny pantries, a bucket toilet, makeshift shower etc.) and whatever items the player chose to take with them in the Camper Van (52 units maximum).