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Traits determine a character's efficiency in the game. Characters can change traits depending on certain gameplay events. When creating a character, players have the option to choose one positive trait (traits do change character stats). After creation, each character is randomly assigned a negative trait as well.

A good tactic is to keep restarting your save, until you get the desired/preferred negative traits (which you can turn into positive traits) on your characters. Also, if you allow the trauma bar to be completely filled on a character, any positive trait will be changed to the negative version (Proactive turns into Lazy, and so on).

Traits[edit | edit source]

Positive Negative Effects How to Change (to Positive)
Courageous Cowardice First two attacks in an "attack to kill" are guaranteed to hit/miss Win fights
Proactive Lazy Move faster/slower in the shelter and whilst exploring Go on expeditions
Optimistic Pessimistic Gains stress slower/faster Return from expeditions with loot

(as the party leader)

Hands-on Hands-off Craft and fix faster/slower Craft and fix things at the shelter
Resourceful Wasteful Higher/lower chance of recovering items when deconstructing objects Deconstruct at least 20 items at the shelter

(may require more items, it's very random)

Hygienic Unhygienic Dirtiness increases at a slower/faster rate Get food poisoning
Deep Sleeper Light Sleeper Tiredness stat decreases faster/slower when sleeping Don't sleep

(maintain sleep deprivation)

Small Eater Big Eater Food rations relieve more/less hunger Don't eat

(may require First Aid Kits for health)

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Courageous generally goes well with the "Troubled" & "Violent" stat sets.
  • Proactive generally goes well with the "Street Smart" stat set.
  • Hands-on generally goes well with the "Athletic" stat set.
  • Optimistic is good to have late game but early on serves little to no purpose.
  • Resourceful is good to have late game but early on serves little to no purpose.