Sheltered Wiki

Extended Family is the penultimate quest and overall main goal of each map in Sheltered. It involves the family finding other members of their family in new shelters travelled to.

It is unlocked after the camper van is repaired, and the family and possibly their recruits have survived for 100 days, the player can then scan for frequencies and find the quest.

When the player travels to the quest giver, they will request 100 water, 25 food, and 10 petrol. When the player gives them these items, the quest giver will give them the location, also telling them that the new shelter is far off, and they will need a vehicle.

Once the quest is done, the player can select "Move On" when clicking on their Camper Van, the player is able to take 72 storage units of items in their Camper Van to the new shelter. It is best to take crafting components and a few backpacks for the journey, as the new shelter typically has sufficient food storage to compensate for each family member started with. Player can still craft special items and facilities after obtaining the blueprints during scavenging without the need for upgrading the work bench straight away.

When moving to the new shelter, all non-family recruits and the old shelter are left behind, the new shelter contains a new family member, who can be either an adult or a child, and also has a chance to contain a new pet if the previous one died.

Eventually after 100 days, and when the Camper Van is repaired yet again, this quest can be repeated, with each new shelter travelled to, the difficulty of the maps increase.