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(me gustaria que alguien se tomara el tiempo de traducir esto al ingles, gracias) Las facciones -Las Facciones varian entre cuatro, los Cortacabelleras, los Matriarcas, los Merodeadores y los Militares. -Los Cortacabelleras se localizan en el mapa con un color rosado y son muy debiles, es facil derrotarlos ya que no llevan armadura ni armas, visten con casi nada de ropa como si fuera el fin del mundo, que lo és. -Los Matriarcas _Los Merodeadores

English: (I'd like someone to take the time to translate this into English, thank you) Factions - Factions vary by four, The Scalpers, the Matriarchs, the Marauders, and the Corps. -The Scalpers are located on the map with a pink color and are very weak, it is easy to defeat them since they do not wear armor or weapons, they dress with almost no clothes as if it were the end of the world, which it is. -The Mapermarants Maperters

The hardest faction is the Corps, they wear body armour and carry guns or high level melee weapons, best to avoid them as they travel in groups - potato_salad_52

Translated by:Henry_EDF