The fuse is an item used in crafting and upgrading. Fuses can be found while on expeditions, or traded with strangers.

"Protects electrical systems from overloads. Used in system upgrades and crafting."

Statistics Edit

Stack Size: 25

Trade Value: 2

Incinerator Value: 2

Recycling Plant Output: N/A

The use of Fuses
In Crafting In Upgrades
Rebar of Confidence
Rebar of Confidence
Durability 3
Generator Durability 3
Durability 4
Generator Durability 4
Efficiency 2
Generator Efficiency 2
Decontamination 3
Oxygen Filter Decontamination 3
Durability 2
Oxygen Filter Durability 2
Durability 4
Oxygen Filter Durability 4
Durability 3
Water Filter Durability 3