Recycling Plant

The recycling plant is capable of breaking down virtually any item into its constituent parts.


25x Metal
20x Pipe
10x Valve
10x Transistor
2x Circuit Board
Circuit Board


  • Recycle: Allow placement of up to 8 stacks of items to be recycled.
  • Take Recycling: Collects the items that result from recycling.
  • Fix: Repairs the integrity of this device.
  • Deconstruct: Take down to retrieve parts.


  • The items that are to be recycled are consumed instantly when the Recycle button is pressed. No output until the device has finished, also no degradation.
  • The Recycler takes APPROXIMATELY 4 hours of game time per ITEM to complete a recycle job. So a stack of 5 items would take about 20 hours or just under a day.
  • You can have more than 1 recycler in the shelter and they do work independently.
  • Warning! Depending on how much items you put in to recycle(40:00+), the recycler might catch fire because after the process its integrity will be as low as 0%. Fortunately the recycled items will survive the fire, even if it gets to the point of rubble.
  • Small bug, if the game is saved/exited and then loaded while it is actively recycling, there will be no output. To put it another way, all the items fed into the recycler will have been lost with no gain. Best save/exit when the recycler is not active. Fixed on Hatch Notes #2