Sheltered Wiki

Snare traps are single-use or multiple-use objects can be built by survivors at the shelter to capture rabbits or deer to turn into food rations. Better snare traps grant greater amounts of rations and have more uses.

Because they must be built on the surface, characters should wear hazmat suits before constructing them. Deconstructing a snare trap yields the same amount of resources regardless of the remaining charges. (Therefore, with the resourceful trait, deconstructing a snare trap will almost always yield the full resources spent on it).

A freezer is required before being able to store food rations from captured animals.

Snare Trap[]

Snare trap.png"This tried and tested trap is useful for catching wildlife. Harvest ensnared animals and store them as rations."

Snare traps can be crafted by combining 2 wood and 1 rope.

Moderate Snare Trap[]

Moderate snare trap.png"A fairly efficient animal trap. This trap will provide a good amount of rations from snared animals."

Moderate snare traps require a level 2 work bench and can be crafted by combining 3 wood, 1 rope, and 2 springs. Moderate snare traps can be used 4 times before they break down.

Advanced Snare Trap[]

Advanced snare trap.png"The most humane and efficient trap that can be built. This trap will provide the highest amount of rations from the snared animal."

Advanced snare traps require a level 3 work bench and can be crafted by combining 4 wood, 2 rope, and 4 springs. Advanced snare traps can be used 8 times before they break down, making them the most cost-efficient traps.