Sheltered Wiki

This is a list documenting the version history for the Steam release of Sheltered. (Note that this list SUCKS)

Early Access[]

Version Title/Number Date Released Summary
Update #2 August 6, 2015

Gameplay changes

  • A maximum time between rainfall of four days.
  • Water is now more likely to be found whilst exploring.
  • Construction materials (plastic, wood, nails and duct tape) are now more likely to be found whilst exploring.
  • Gas masks can now be found whilst exploring.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where pressing [Esc] at the end of the tutorial would stop the player from being able to interact with objects.
  • Fixed an issue where the Main Menu wasn’t working at certain resolutions lower than 1920x1080.
  • Added a clickable link to the Steam forum for the game.
Update #1 August 5, 2015

Bug fixes

  • Catatonic family members who die will no longer take everything with them into the afterlife.
August 4, 2015

Early Access released on Steam.