Sheltered Wiki

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"Here, you can make furniture for your shelter, craft weapons for combat, and traps to catch animals."

The Work bench is where characters are able to combine resources to craft new items to use during expeditions or place in the shelter. Upgrading the work bench allows characters to build a wider and better array of items. Obtaining tools during expeditions will cause them to be stored above the work bench and allow characters to craft and repair items faster.

The ten tools are

  1. Chisel
  2. Drill
  3. Hammer
  4. Handsaw
  5. Nail Gun
  6. Pliers
  7. Ratchet
  8. Sander
  9. Screwdriver
  10. Wrench

Tier 1 :[]

(Available from the start)

Tier 2 :[]

(Upgrade to Tier 2 requires: 5 Wood, 10 Nails, 5 Plastic)

Tier 3 :[]

(Upgrade to Tier 3 requires: 5 Metal, 10 Pipe, 7 Hinge, 7 Rope)

Tier 4 :[]

(Upgrade to Tier 4 requires: 15 Rubber, 8 Lens, 8 Switch, 8 DuctTape, 20 Wood)


Items in this category must be found via blueprint or unlocked from a scenario.

Luxury bunk bed

Auto Pantry

Auto water butt

Rebar of confidence

Luxury toilet

Luxury shower: 15 wood, 15 pipe, 8 valve

Knuckle dusters of might

Librarian's crowbar

Flash knife: 3 wood, 8 metal, 3 plastic, 4 valve

Lucky lucky bat: 5 wood, 6 wiring, 4 transistor, 4 duct tape

Defibrillator (Unlock from "Surrounded" scenario): 20 battery, 15 wiring, 10 fuse, 5 circuit breaker, 20 rubber

Fabricator (Unlock from "Stasis" scenario)